Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo Scape Setup_V3.5 full

Photo Scape Setup_V3.5
The PhotoScape graphic management program is a good alternative to any other picture management application either commercial or freeware. The main page features:
Viewer - The user can browse and view the pictures from the PC.
Editor - You can edit pretty much anything related to your picture from red eye reduction, splash effects etc.
Batch Editor - This is used when you need certain size values and parameters changed to your pictures.
Page - Arrange multiple photos in a single page. A variety of templates are available.
Combine - You can combine multiple images into a single one either vertically, horizontally etc.
AniGif - Create interactive animations using multiple images.
Print - setup your images for custom printing.

PhotoScape is an all-in-one style photo editor with fun and ease of use. Major capabilities are: viewer, editor, batch editor, page, combine, animated GIF, print, splitter, screen capture, color picker, rename, raw converter, resizing, brightness/color/white-balance adjustment, backlight correction, frames, balloons, text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye removal and blooming. PhotoScape has been used for two years and is expanding its features continuously. Features include:
- Supports 27 languages
- Added paper print function
- Supports netbook resolution
- Retouched intro screen
- Upgraded DPI function
- Added 'Colored Pencil' filter
- Added 'Watercolor Pencil' filter
- Added 5 new frames
- Added 50 new face icons and 29 new logo one
- Added a link for searching faces on the web images

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