Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Computer In Your Computer: How To Use VirtualBox

Computer In Your Computer: How To Use VirtualBox

Learn to use VirtualBox. Get virtual computers up and running inside your computer, without having to buy any new hardware.

With “Computer Inside Your Computer: How to Use VirtualBox” you’ll learn to master this free virtualization software and get virtual computers working inside your computer.

You’ve heard a lot about Linux and you’d love to try it out, but you don’t know enough to take the plunge and install it alongside Windows – maybe you’re worried you’ll wipe all your files off in the process. Besides, you’d like to have another computer handy so that you can look something up if you get stuck, but you don’t have another computer.

Good thing VirtualBox exists. With it you gain the power to conjure virtual computers out of thin air. They don’t take up space on your desk, yet they work just like a real computer does. They can be conjured up and removed with little more than a few clicks.

Intrigued? Download the latest manual from now. Featuring step-by-step explanations as well as picture tutorials, this manual makes using VirtualBox easy.

This free guide will teach you how to:
  • Build and manage virtual machines
  • Get Windows XP working in VirtualBox
  • Install Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine
  • Try out Ubuntu Linux in a VirtualMachine
  • Install Guest Additions in VirtualBox
  • Access files on your host machine in a Virtual Machine

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